Three days ago, I long for pizza. I was hungry and I don't have foods to eat. Let alone, takes time to cook rice and viand. Then I thought of having an instant food. Not noodles or frozen ones, but a pizza to deliver at home. Not a minute passed, I call my DH and talked about what I would like to eat (FYI: it's only once in a blue moon that I call my husband to request of something, it's not a good manner to call just to have unless circumstances like these or worse between life and death. As I said I just did it once in a blue moon even I'm in a verge of the latter). And so my decision was to have such. Lo and behold, I ordered after our conversation. I had 20 bucks (it only cost $16.01, I just want it changed $2, so I gave $1.99 tip, it's good enough as the delivery man smiled ear to ear. Or what do you think, is it good enough?). I ordered a meat-lovers flavor (our favorite ever since) with green bell peppers. I wish to add an olives (which my DH fave) but not yet since I wasn't able to love an olive yet. And besides it was still for lunch/snack (that was more or less 3:00 P.M.) and DH would be home at 6:00 P.M. so it would be all mine. Grin. And off I did!Ordered a large one then mist drink. Tip: pizza hut offers $10 either medium or large. Thirty minutes (or less), it came! Yay! I was like a hungry man. Whew! Ha ha! And bites of big slices went on and on. What a pizza moment it was!

TIP from me: Bell pepper adds flavor to the taste bud while eating this. It balances the cooking oil which pizza provides. So having such while eating it, increase the appetite and get rid of the taste of oil.

If you were following on my main blog or you're close to me, you knew that I hate pizza. But since it is my husband's favorite food, let alone when we were in Manila that he ordered a family size greenwich pizza. Whew! I tell you, that was big! It was a family size pizza but we're just only two (or him alone to eat), to which I was about to cry looking at it. I was about to throw a fit. Oops! Excuse me, I just hide while he ate it and grab my favorite food. But then time change, with him for  years here in USA, it came a moment that I embraced it, even became a favorite. And that is the story. Now, a pizza baby. Smile. Isn't it a success? Ha ha! Little big bites, come pizza!