This picture (below) was taken way back year 2011 in the month of May, with my three friends in the city (one is nearby where this picture or the place where her house was taken). That was already  more than two years ago. We Filipino "Pinoy/Pinay" mommies, living legally here in USA with an American husband) had our friends bonding that time. It was fun. We can just remember our birth country, the foods we used to eat. Ooh well. Isn't that awesome that we can still access to these foods even of thousand miles away? That's how lucky we are that we live here in California than any other states, when it comes to such foods, as they say.

Do you recognize these foods? Those are little fish omelet (tortang-isda), two different kind of fried dried fish, sauteed bamboo shoot with malunggay "moringa" soup, boiled ripe banana plantain, rice and sweetened root crops with bilo-bilo (or commonly called as "bilo-bilo" or "binignit" ) for the dessert and soft drinks.

What do you think of it? How do you like it? Oops! I am already hungry right now, seeing this. I gotta go. Thanks for dropping-by! Come on let's have some bite. :-)