Two days ago at around 8:00-9:00 PM, I made a decision to buy a domain for this blog of mine  that has been sitting here in my dashboard for more than two years ago. Yes, I already own this which is all about foods and bites, yes a food niche blog. Ever since I created my four blogs, I have been longing to have a food blog. And now that it has been realized, I cannot be thankful enough that I have this. Actually, I put this blog in a draft wayback 2011 for curiosity sake (yes, no post) and now it is live in public! Yay! It has been more than three years had past and this blog (without post, domain and anything) was hidden.

Looking back at the time that I purchased a domain for this as I said I had it done two days ago, I was a little bit shocked because I have to purchase such in the specific domain registrar, unlike on my four blogs that I directly got it from blogger. Whew! Good thing, I got it to have it correctly. I can just remember, when I bought the proposed domain of my blog: Cacai M.'s Place (if you can see, it is ".net " in the domain's URL suffix) but sad to say that I had not successfully  installed it right. So it is a celebration for me that I got this second time around. Ha! I have a secret for that, ha ha! --- Just kidding. Wink.

Now, can I ask you a favor of please welcome my foods and bites blog? Thanks in advance! ;-)